• Vietnamese hair is of Southeast Asian origin, privately collected from rural areas of Vietnam. Vietnamese hair is considered coarse (thick stranded), with a dash of natural texture! Vietnamese hair is ethically sourced! Donors are compensated, providing supplemental income. Vietnamese hair is amongst the most luxurious authentic origins offered in the world! Experience why our customers and stylists of the industry, both local and celebrity have grown to love and respect our brand!

  • Our Amour Collection is also raw South Asian hair. 

  • Our business hours are Monday-Friday, 10:00am - 5:00pm, EST. Please allow up to 24-48 hours to respond to your email inquiry! We can't wait to chat with you!

  • We offer 10% off for each qualifying category on up to three (3) orders per year! This discount cannot be combined with other promotions or offers.

    In order to qualify for the discount mentioned, you must email us the following:

    VALID ID and credentials to hello@shopxoxohair.com.

  • Our pricing is based on the authenticity, health of the hair sourced, and length of the hair that is sourced, in addition to the years of expertise and time put in to researching the market for the most raw hair sources possible. Want to know more? Click this link! The Cost of Real Raw Hair


  • Each bundle weighs approximately 3.5 ounces.

  • Our bundles measure true to length, but sometimes can measure about 1/2 inch to 1 inch longer than stated, this is normal when purchasing authentic wefted hair, we LOVE good surprises!

  • Our wefted hair is pre-sealed during the wefting process, which takes the labor out of having to seal wefts! If you do prefer to seal your wefts again, that's okay too!

  • We do not advise cutting the wefts, as it can decrease the lifespan of your weft (not the hair) and may cause unnecessary shedding. If cutting the wefts, seal the ends to preserve them.

  • Yes. You can lift the hair to your desired shade, or dye your hair to achieve your look! We DO recommend a professional to color your hair if your inexperienced, if not, have fun!

  • You most certainly can! Be mindful of the frequency that you straighten it in. Our waves and curls are not chemically processed, so if you constantly apply heat more than usual, it will relax the curl pattern as the hair ages in the same way our own hair would experience.

  • Most of the hair we source is generally a natural black color with lighter ends. Some bundles can also be natural brown, this is to be expected when purchasing raw hair. We cannot make promises on specific natural colors as natural color varies.

  • Unfortunately no. We want to keep our brand consistent, so we do not offer the ability to provide customized patterns, we're sorry! We also cannot promise a match to another hair companies product. It is best to purchase matching wefts and lace units from our brand to ensure an even match. We are not responsible if the patterns do not match properly.


    • A closure is a lace unit designed to offer both a seamless install, and protection for your natural hair. Closures save time with blending, and prevent styling stresses such as heat damage that can occur when leaving your own hair out.

    • The density of our closures is natural. We can't give an exact percentage, as our closures mimic the natural graduating density of a human head from the hair line thru the rest of the closure, which offers extra undetectability!

    • Yes. You can lift the hair to your desired shade. We recommend a professional to color your hair if inexperienced, if not necessary, have fun!

    • We only advise bleaching knots on your closure if you have prior experience doing so. If you do not, please see your trusted professional for this process, as we do not perform chemical alterations, nor are we responsible for mistakes made on customers behalf, practice safe hair! 


  • A lace frontal has a similar mission to a closure, except it's larger and provides ear to ear coverage, no hair is left out when you install a lace frontal. Our lace frontals can be sewn or glued into place to achieve an undetectable look.

  • While we offer a pre-plucked hairline density, we do not customize the hair line (baby hair). We are not aware of your baby hair preference, so creating your own baby hair is at your discretion. We wouldn't want to create the wrong hair line, you wouldn't be a happy camper, we love happy campers!

  • The production time for The Shade Collection depends on the items purchased. Bundles require up to a 7 business day production time (selection of raw hair, bleaching, and toning), lace closures, up to 7 business days to select raw hair, create closure base, and ventilate. Lace frontals require UP TO 20 days production time, as they undergo the same process as lace closures, but on a larger lace area. The Shade Collection production CANNOT be rushed, as the preservation of the health of the hair during coloring is extremely important.


  • We ship all orders in 1-3 business days, and arrive in 2-4 business days or sooner. Please don't schedule any hair appointments before receiving your hair, as we aren't responsible for missed appointments.

  • Insurance can be purchased by contacting hello@shopxoxohair.com