The Brand


One thing about love, is that it knows no boundaries. XOXO Virgin Hair is the premier destination for a high quality
and inclusive wig and extension experience.

Since January 2014, we have been dedicated to offering the best in authentic, ethically sourced raw Southeast Asian
hair, accentuated by our loyalty to product education and our strict quality control procedures. Each ponytail
of collected hair is carefully kept, ensuring a fuss free and flawless experience for all. Through transparency,
commitment to quality, and joyfully listening to the concerns of our valued customers, we’ve won the hearts of
weave wearers worldwide.

Whether you’re a woman raising your glass to life, a mother building an empire, a trans woman showing the
world what true beauty is or a person with special needs---you’ll fall in love with hair sourced with you in mind. Our
only wish is that XOXO Virgin Hair exceeds all of your wildest hair dreams and that it is a constant reminder that
love transcends all.
With Love,
XOXO Virgin Hair