Understanding Human Hair


XOXO Virgin Hair is 100% Human

  • Our human hair is nature made, and never will be mixed with synthetic fibers, animal hairs, chemically processed or altered to cut corners.
  • Other Hair Origins Contain Fillers

    • Other hair is mixed with animal hair, synthetic fibers, and non-remy hair from India in order to reduce the price.
    XOXO Virgin Hair is 100% cuticle aligned

  • Chticle aligned Hair does not tangle or mat up.Cuticle aligned hair is the continuation of all the attributes of natural hair before being cut from the donor. It performs well when washing, styling, and when applying heat tools or coloring.
  • Most Other Hair is Non-Remy

    • Non-Remy hair when washed 1-3 times, will tangle and matt up. This indicates mis-aligned cuticles and is irreversible. Unorthodox methods such as bleach baths cannot detangle, the process is also dangerous.
    XOXO Virgin Hair is Double Drawn

    • Double Drawn hair is full from root to tip because short hairs are removed thru a process called hackling.
    Other Hair has an abundance of Short Hairs

    • Other hair on the market has a lot of short hair within as fillers to meet weight requirements. You never get the true length you paid for, as a result, you or your stylist has to cut the ends to make them look fuller.
    XOXO Virgin Hair Keeps all Cuticles Intact

    • Each strand of XOXO Virgin Hair has it's cuticles intact. There is no silicone coating on our hair. We bring the most natural, healthy hair the world has to offer.
    Other Hair is Treated With Silicones

    • Silicone produces a false cuticle shine, that eventually comes off within 1-3 washes. Silicone is used to mask acid removed cuticles. Cuticles are stripped away with Hydrochloric acid, then neutralized in Sodium Hydroxide to prepare for the Silicone bath. Once the silicone washes away, you are left with hair that is tangly, matting, dull, and breaking; this kind of hair behavior is irreversible at this point.
    XOXO Virgin Hair Wefts are Unmatched

    • Our wefts are created using a 3 head sewing machine to to ensure that the hair does not shed. An weft sealant is also applied within during the wefting process as well. Our weft construction is unique, making our hair best for seamless, undetectable installs.
    Other Hair Wefts are Poorly Constructed
    • Double headed sewing machines are used to make their wefts. This produces a unstable weft that causes the hair to shed.
    XOXO Virgin Hair Longevity Surpasses Industry Expectations

    • Our hair will last up to 2-5 years with proper maintenance according to type.
    Other Hair Does Not Last Long

    • Other hair will only last as little as 2 days–2 weeks before it begins to tangle, mat, and become dull from the silicone being washed away.




      • Raw hair collection begins in the small villages of Vietnam. The women there sell their ponytails as a means of supporting their families, or young women to support their time in college. Once the hair is collected, it is immediately bound in rubber bands to ensure cuticle misalignment doesn't occur. The hair is then transported to the factory to begin it's cleansing process.

    • Cleansing is a very critical step in bringing you the best quality hair. The hair is transported to the factory, and the cleansing process begins with inspecting for nits. Nits are not common amongst the Vietnamese women because they take pride in caring for their hair. After inspection, the washing and conditioning process begins. We are proud to say that we use ZERO chemicals in any process to clean the hair, just simple shampoo and conditioner, and a simple air dry.

    • Wefting is a very meticulous process in ensuring you receive the best, shed proof wefts, but before that process begins, the hair is hackled. A hackle is a metal plate with a row of needles that the hair is passed thru to remove any short hairs hidden. This will ensure that you receive full, thick bundles. After hackling, the hair then goes on to be wefted. Wefting is done on special sewing machines to ensure flat, neat, and tightly stitched wefts.

    • With our Vietnamese Curly hair, Xiu Mei Natural Wave, Loose Wavy, Deep Wavy, Loose Curly, and Deep Curly; those hair patterns enter a VERY gentle steam process, to not only preserve the health of the hair, but to ensure that the hair is never damaged from excessive heat, then air dried once completed. Extra special care is given to our steamed textures by our awesome team of texture developers.

    • We're almost done! After the necessary steps are done to complete our products, the hair is then weighed. After double checking, the hair is secured with binding objects to keep it neat during shipment. After the hair is secured, the hair goes thru inspection. The wefts are checked to ensure the presense of no manual defects. The hair also goes thru a shedding and tangling check. Once these steps are completed, the hair is ready to go, and on it's way to your door!